Jurnal Pendidikan : Riset dan Konseptual

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is a scientific and social education journal published by Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Blitar c.q. Faculty of Science and Social education. This journal appears in both electronic and printed versions. This journal is published 4 (four) times a year ie January, April, July, October. This journal is for academics, practitioners, and educational stakeholders who want to publish and develop research results and thoughts for the progress of education.


Focus and Scope

This journal receives scientific articles relating to education including formal, informal, and non-formal education. The scope of this journal is the whole family of educational and learning disciplines.


Copyright Notice
Copyright Holder is a Research and Conceptual Education Journal

Create the copyright year of the main article on Issue (The default year will be taken from the date of publishing publication.)

The previous agreement requires the author to approve the Copyright Notice in the submission process.

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Open Acces Statement

This Journal is Open Access. All of full text published article can to read and downloaded by reader in free charge and without register first`

Review Policy
Submission of articles via electronic process via e-mail or via OJS editorial board. The article entered and conducted peer review or manuscript that checked through online as well as by the distillery of experts. Examination of the manuscript conducted by Double Blind Review.

Selected articles are approved by at least two editing experts. Then the selected journal is done by the editing process editor. This editing includes the process of checking plagiarism. After this process the entire draft of the article is given to the editorial chairman to issue a publishing agreement. After the proposal, followed by finalization of the layout by the executive editor. Articles published in the journal are ready to be published. The administrative archive publishes the journal and gives notice to the author.

In the process of checking plagiarism if an article is indicated to be plagiarism, the article is refused to be published. Then reported to the expert editor and the main editor. To the editors of experts, will be given back many other articles that have been entered for examination and re-election. To the chief editors make a notice of cancellation for plagiarism article which is further demonstrated.

Internet-based plagiarism checking through google apps and DOI by CrossRef.

Review Guidelines
For reviewers who perform their duties, it is prohibited to improve the grammar. A reviewer works only to see the substance of the article content. and provide recommendations received or denied articles and leave revisions to the articles in question.

Privacy Statement
The names and email addresses entered into this journal site will be used exclusively and will not be used for any other purpose outside this journal.

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Author's Guide

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