Efforts to Resolve Law Enforcement Barriers to Traffic Violations on the Waru Toll Road-Juanda Surabaya Indonesia

  • Nuaiman Hizbullah Universitas Airlangga
Keywords: traffic jams, traffic regulations, traffic violations


The growth in production of motorized vehicles that is not proportional to the existing road infrastructure causes frequent traffic jams. Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (UU LLAJ) regulates traffic regulations and provides sanctions for violators. It is important to ensure conformity of regulations with developments in society and technology, and increase the effectiveness of law enforcement against traffic violations. This research was conducted on the Waru – Juanda Toll road which is one of the Toll roads with a high level of density and many violations. Data on traffic violations on the Waru – Juanda Toll road from January 2019 to May 2019 shows the number of violations based on the type of violation such as speed factor, load factor, completeness factor, documents factor, safety belt factor, sign marking factor, counter – flow factor, use HP factor, and other factors. This research can provide an understanding of patterns of traffic violations on the toll road, and become the basis for increasing law enforcement against traffic violations in the future.

Education and Social Science