Street Children Religious Education Using an Interactional Education Approach

  • Machfudzil Asror Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo
  • Achmad Wahyudi Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo
Keywords: religious education, Street children, interactional education


This research is a field research which the required data is extracted from the field. This research used descriptive qualitative method. The subjects of this research are street children in Sidoarjo regency and related agencies such as the Social and Labor Office, the Education Office and the Ministry of Religion of Sidoarjo Regency. Street children who are the targets of this study are children aged 18 years and under, both boys and girls who live on the streets. The object of this research is religious education of street children in Sidoarjo regency. The data that will be explored in this research are those related to religious education in street children in Sidoarjo district which includes: First, the characteristics of street children in Sidoarjo regency. Second, the background to be street children. Third, the form of religious education carried out in the street children’s community. Fourth, institutions involved in the religious education process of street children. Fifth, religious practices carried out by street children. Sixth, obstacles in implementing religious education in street children communities. The data collected in this research were collected through the interview, observation and documentation techniques. After the data has been collected using these various techniques, the data obtained is collected and described in a data matrix. The data in this study were analyzed using interactive model analysis techniques.

Education and Social Science