Author Fee

Article Submission:
0.00 (IDR)

Fast-Track Review:
500.000 (IDR)

Article Publication/Article Processing Charges (APCs):


If this paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an

Article Publication Fee to cover publication costs.

 700.000,00 (IDR) / 50.00 (USD)

 payment does not include printing costs.


Printing Costs: 

Indonesia       : 50.000,00 (IDR per complete copy)

International : 5.00 (USD per complete copy)


 Shipping Costs:

 Indonesia       :  conditional, according to the shipping address

 International : 20.00 (USD)


How to deposite fees:

Depositing fees directly by Bank Mandiri in account 1710003532499 in the name of UNIVERSITAS NAHDLATUL ULAMA BLITAR


Penalty Fee
The penalty fee will be charged Rp. 500.000 (IDR) to authors who decide to retract or withdraw articles after articles reviewed/copyedited/published. This is because the authors do not respect the whole process that has been done.