Assessment Instrument of Scientific Literacy Skills Based on Nature of Science For Middle School

  • Shita Dhiyanti Vitasari Yogyakarta State University
Keywords: scientific literacy skills; assessment instrument; nature of science


Natural science learning train students various skills in the face of 4.0 industry revolution challenge. One of the skills that needs to be developed is scientific literacy skills. The scientific literacy skills level can be known or measured using appropriate assessment instruments. This study aimed produce assessment instruments can measure the scientific literacy skills and know scientific literacy skills level of SMPN 2 Pare’s students. The research method was descriptive quantitative with instrument development model of Mardapi (2012). The theoretical and empirical experiments of  scientific literacy skills instruments get appropriateness criteria for use based on Aiken's validity and Rasch model analysis.There are 40 items that can be used to measure scientific literacy skills for middle school students. Scientific literacy skills level of SMPN 2 Pare’s students is 20% students have high level, 72,5% average level, and 7.5% low level.

Engineering and Technology